White Water Rafting the Nile

White Water Rafting the Nile in Uganda

For the go getters that want to feel the right amount of adventure adrenaline, white water rafting is the real deal. Adrift go things down there near the source of the mighty Nile river. You know, the longest river in the world (6,853 km/4,258 miles.

This activity can be experienced the source of the Nile, a little away from the town of Jinja, in Uganda. Here, you can spend some time on the River Nile with experience rafting guides, some of the best on the continent. Jinja is in fact home to some of the best rafting waters in Africa including massive grade 5 rapids that will be sure to get your blood hyper, wake up some neurons. Even if you have never experienced this activity before, the award-winning 5-star Adrift river crew, armed with safety rafts and kayakers will make sure that you’re all well prepared before entering the thundering waters.

Nothing could be better than taming the wildest river in Africa, a torrent of rushing water beneath you, white water waves in front of you and the Equator blazing African sun on your back.

Alright, if the thought of the rampant Nile River is a way over your imagination, enjoy a family rafting experience in the more gentle waterways. Here you can explore the gentle river at a slower pace, taking in the abundant wildlife and bird species found along the shoreline.

All equipment for either pursuit is provided and includes helmets, life jackets, rafts, and oars. You will also have an experienced guide with you at all times. These are the best white water rafting exponents in Africa and they know the Nile river backward.

Other activities in and around Jinja include quad biking, bungee jumping, jet boating, kayaking, fishing as well as boat cruises. And wait till you take a stroll around town in the night, the nightlife will wake those neurons and get you on those white water rapids the next morning.

Jinja town’s nightlife is something you shouldn’t miss when you hit this African town. Vibrant with myriad African and foreign cultures. Catch yourself one of the local beers and test a skillful brewer’s make. Go for “Nile Special” lager, meet some foreign experts, dance to the African tunes, pick up a long drum and join the local band.

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